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See. . .I've been gone taking care of [ profile] shaunacarrick and everyone else back home here have been off hunting.

Our hunting party have all gotten their deer, I seen the pics of the "Deer Tree". The pics of the others getting their deer or turkey. Elias shot a good sized turkey, that will be for thanksgiving. My folks where impressed that he shot one, and happy to have it on the table. No one in my family hunts birds so this is going to be different for sure.

Until today only one person out of that party of 4 didn't have a turkey. That one got his today, I missed out. And you know what, I'm not upset or pissy as some would be. I truly didn't think I would get one today, I'd try an thats all I could hope for. But I still want to try for that damned turkey so we can have one for us to eat here at some point. But before I could try today, Elias and started with us going out and getting some target practice in. I've not handled nor fire any of the firearms that he owns. After spending an windy Saturday afternoon pinging the coffee cans and playing with the different ones I've learned somethings.

1) I like the revolver of his, .48 cal.

2) Even after the 30.30 jumping slightly and scope coming back to bite my nose, I still really like firing it.

3) I've found my own Remington at Sportsman's Warehouse to pick up soon-ish. If not for Xmas definitely soon next year.

4) Need more padding on the butt of said firearms for my shoulder.

After firing another's gun because I don't have one yet, my shoulder has a nice small bruise and I ache where I've had the butt of the gun to my shoulder after getting off shots today.

I didn't get any turkey, but I enjoyed getting out and trying. Next Sunday should be fun just myself, Elias and our other two friends, Fearghus and Catriona his wife. They've been really good friends over the last year to me, and more so to Elias for the last two for sure. Have to plot 12th Night gifts for them. Will post back how next week goes if an when something happens.
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