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Anyhow I know I've not be heard from but today I feel the urge to vent. Strong language ahead. . . Elias and I have been dealing with his phone that is just beat up, almost had it two years now. We replaced the battery but he was needing a new phone. We had paid insurance for it, or so we thought. Seems that if you buy a phone from an authorized dealer and pay insurance its not the same as buying it directly from Verizon. But they seen I've got insurance on my phone and when I said I know we paid insurance for his because we paid up front for it. Well you don't, its per month on the phone bill. Anyways they where nice to help us. $50 got us a new battery and the replacement phone. Got it FedEx to the house and all should have been good to go.

Uhhh fuck no it ain't good to go.

The 'new' phone has it's own issues. As in it does not want to 'light up' when a call comes in, so you can't see who's calling. Or if you hit the volume button on the side to just light it up to see what the time is it won't. You damn near have to bounce it off the ground to make it work. Or smack it like you're packing smokes, yes I do know how to do that, don't ask. So Elias went in told them, good thing it was him because I get rather ugly when things aren't going right. So sent us a new phone yet again, that came today.

"New" phone #2 comes FedEx, since I know I can just set it up myself here at home I do. Things are good, it lights up like it should, no packing it like a pack of smokes to get it to light up. . .BUT it does not fucking ring. Not one God Damned sound out of unless you're pushing buttons. What The Fuck, Over?!? Just got this piece of shit phone, this phone is to be new and the fucker don't want to ring. It can vibrate, but that don't help Elias when he's in the truck and has to hear it ring to know who's calling.

So I'm going to get my sick ass dressed. Yes a wonderful head cold has come to visit me and I'm miserable, and just what I want to do is deal with some asshats who just won't send a good phone to begin with. I'll post when I get home on how this all goes down. Lets hope I don't start slinging about the F'word at them. I don't like to get that ugly, but I CANNOT deal with stupid and/or ignorant people.
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