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This weekend was a long weekend because of Veterans Day/Remembrance Day on the 11th. I picked this weekend to come home for my monthly visit with the folks and some friends because I won't be home for Thanksgiving. Elias' work has him working the Friday after Thanksgiving, silly people anyhow.

So I got in Thursday evening, got to have time with Penn/Athenais by having dinner and a few drinks. Then Friday morning I was up at 0445 to make sure she got to the airport to go to her grandparent's. Long story see her posts on her LJ. I spent time with Kari and Jim, two I used to work with at the property management office. Went to lunch at Famous Dave's that was good.

Then I spent Friday evening with Shauna till about 8pm before I went to my mom and dads. Seen my dad before he went out to go hunting with some of the guys. Mom and I got up Saturday morning late, and just where hanging out deciding on what to have for breakfast when she told me the news.

My mom had to have some tests and x-rays. They found a 5 inch mass in the x-ray, the had her got for CATscans. On the scans they found this mass on her kidney. She will have to have not just the mass, but the whole kidney removed, and soon. She's not saying it cancer but I think it is. So for now, its a cancerous mass on her kidney.

It was a shock to hear this and abit of moment for me because I was numb and didn't think much on it right off. Later in the day it was hitting me hard and I was a goober crying off an on. But over all she's handling extremely well and the prognosis is good from the Dr so will deal with it as it comes.

We spent the rest of Saturday being lazy bums and got up today and cracked out the den. I've got before and after pictures of this. We did good today.

So I'm leaving in the morning at 6am to head for home. Now I'm off to spend a few hours with mom before bed and to call my honny an tell him I love him for the night.

And now...

Thursday, 25 May 2006 14:45
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For today so far....

I got a call from one of the temp agencies and I will be doing phone work for MDA, again. I did it the first time I came home a year and half ago. I need money so I'm not going to look down at it. I have a cell phone bill and storage unit that are the same amount I need to pay on BADLY!

So Friday at 2pm I go for this orientation/interview with them and start on Tuesday morning from 9:30am-4:30pm. I can't complain its temp and I only hope I can work for a few weeks to pay those bills and save money. My check I pick up on friday is not going to be much and it will have to pay my cell phone, gas in the Explorer, gas in my car and money on the prepaid credit card so the fees can be paid on it.

Well thats all I have for today really. I need to get back to cleaning my bathroom. I hate cleaning my bathroom just ugh...can't explain it really. I will help others and clean their bathrooms but won't do my own. Tho I am almost done with what needs to be so I can leave for the weekend. I have laundry doing, my room is done, vacuuming done, dusting done and last is my bathroom to finish up. After that I can pack for Bozeman and totally sit around an do nothing for a little while anyways.

Alright....time to stop procrastinating and finish so I can get back on-line and surf some.
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So I was going to say something publicly about what was going on with me but I ended up making it very privet post. In short I'm job hunting once more. The job I really liked didn't like me well enough but only keep me working 9 months unofficially and just 4 days shy of 6 months officially. Friday the 26th would have been my 6 months and off probation then. But seeing as I was still a probie I got shafted once more before I was permanently there.

~sighs~ Such is the way of the world.

Been off looking for work and working with temp agencies to find work. I'm really tempted to work at a place I once worked for. Its now called Novo1 but another name was Call Solutions and Advantage Line before that. I'm thinking very temporary working there. A few months, just so I can keep some bills paid ya know.

Will be trying to keep updated as best as I can. Will being cleaning the house tomorrow for my mom while the Aunt and her husband visit for the weekend. I on the other hand will be running off to see the boyfriend in Bozeman this weekend. Need some one on one time with him to get out this stress I have and not in sack, if ya know what I mean. ;-)


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