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So I was going to say something publicly about what was going on with me but I ended up making it very privet post. In short I'm job hunting once more. The job I really liked didn't like me well enough but only keep me working 9 months unofficially and just 4 days shy of 6 months officially. Friday the 26th would have been my 6 months and off probation then. But seeing as I was still a probie I got shafted once more before I was permanently there.

~sighs~ Such is the way of the world.

Been off looking for work and working with temp agencies to find work. I'm really tempted to work at a place I once worked for. Its now called Novo1 but another name was Call Solutions and Advantage Line before that. I'm thinking very temporary working there. A few months, just so I can keep some bills paid ya know.

Will be trying to keep updated as best as I can. Will being cleaning the house tomorrow for my mom while the Aunt and her husband visit for the weekend. I on the other hand will be running off to see the boyfriend in Bozeman this weekend. Need some one on one time with him to get out this stress I have and not in sack, if ya know what I mean. ;-)


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