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So your probably looking at that title and wondering what the hell. I have a brother shall call him Jr here. Jr has left home a few years ago been working on ranches in Eastern Montana since after High School. While working for on the ranches he met and made friends with a guy S and a girl Am. S and Am are friends from what Jr says and from what my folks know of. Anyways Jr has left that farmer/rancher and Am left with my brother and apparently they hooked up as it where. So over the last few years he's been working for different places and settled on a ranch that was owned by an old high school (girl)friend of his. This is where apparently Am and my brother really got serous about each other.

So about October Jr and Am had a little girl Elizabeth Jo. I didn't find out about the baby till about Labor Day weekend when my parents got back from the Alaskan Cruse. My mom only knew a few months before that. I've never seen this baby, Hell I've not ever met Am.

So you all have read the saga about my mom and her surgery to remove her kidney. Well Jr never once came up to see mom the whole time she was in the hospital and never came home to see mom either. I took time from my studies to go see my mom when she told me not to. I came home the day after finals to help her or just hang out and do what she wanted.

So this morning as I'm checking my email my mom is asking me if I can take back my gifts I bought for Jr and Am. I think I can, I should still somewhere have the receipt for the Campus Bookstore. She tells me that when Dad called Am's cell phone her brother answered.

Seems that Jr and Am went to her folks house for Xmas and didn't bother to call his folks to say they weren't coming. I'm pissed, my mom is pissed and hurt that the fucktard didn't bother to call at all. I am going to give my dad by brother's gift of the really nice ball cap from the university & the pen light. I spent a good amount really on the two and this is how they act?

Well Fuck Them. . . I am going to take the sweatshirts back. I'm keeping the caps because it just came to me that I can give me dad the hats for his Xmas gift and Birthday (B-day for dad is the 27th, two days after Xmas). This is the first time in ages that I could actually get dad something really nice for Xmas and its not cheep shit either.

Alright well I'm off for now. I have to clean the bottom of the fridge and restock the pop for tomorrow with guests coming over and mop the floors in the kitchen so that its all nice an ready for tomorrow.

Oh and by the by. . . .

Merry Christmas everyone

The Day After

Wednesday, 29 November 2006 23:30
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So today is first day after the surgery. I called mom around 10am I think give or take. She sounds like she was 90, I don't think her throat is back to normal after having a tube down it for hours on end. I understood almost nothing she said but we said our I love yous and for me to call in the evening.

So its about 4:30pm that I call my mom and it get Dad. He was up visiting her as they had her up for a walk around the floor. Apparently she did good but was feeling nauseated and was wanting back in bed. As all this was going on I'm talking to Dad. He was asking about how it was going for me and if we had water yet. When I was talking to him we still had frozen pipes. I stayed home to try get them undone, yea didn't happen till later.

As Dad an I are visiting I can hear mom in the background bellow in pain. Oh how I wanted to cry or ask that nurse what the Fuck she doing. Apparently they where injecting mom with something Dad said and it was hurting her. I think that nurse is a sadistic bitch as she kept mom bellowin. I told dad I loved him as he was hanging to find out what was going.

As to the water issues Elias came home after work and crawled under the small space under the trailer with the heat gun and space heater to thaw our pipes. After about 20 minutes lo behold we have runnin water. YEA! So tonight we will let them drip so we don't have this again. We will do a little more maintenance on the trailer when we have the money to do it with.

Anyways time for bed got a busy day tomorrow for me.
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So I had called about 3:30pm MT because NO ONE had bothered to call me to tell me anything. Mom had been in surgery since like 11am and its now 4.5 hours later.
So I talked to Dad who just got updated from the nurse on the hour on how it is going. By the time I had called they had gotten to the kidney and it was out. They had taken longer than they thought because of amount of tissue there was to get into. Other wise all was going well and it was still a microscopic surgery.

Here we are at like 6:30pm MT no word yet from dad and its been three hours. I think that's enough time from the last time I called to get an update. When I called in he told me that they just had wrapped up my mom's surgery. They were taking her for x-rays to make sure they didn't leave anything behind. After that will be off to recovery so dad can see her then to a room in about another hour or so After that. From there I would get another call for a room number. All in all Dad said that it went as the doctor visualized just more tissue to get through to get at the kidney and had to repeat the slow process of getting back out.

I called my dad again at about 9pm MT to get another update on mom. He thought he called and told me, said he had a check mark by my name. I had to remind him I have called ever time to get updates on mom and even gave him the times and what he told me had happened. He felt bad but I couldn't feel too sorry about that. They got mom into her own room and settled for the night. She would be getting visits to wake up every hour to get her vitals by the nurses.

They say the earliest they would let her out is Friday, maybe Saturday baring there is no trouble. I got her room number as well so I can call her tomorrow too. I thought about sending a plant but when I seen what it would cost me on-line. A $15 plant in the end costs me $29. Its like almost $8 in just 'convenience' fees, delivery and on-line ordering fees. Screw that crap, will just get her something when I get home to see her on Saturday.

So for now the happy dance has been done, now to sit for the 24 hours to see how she does.


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