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I will be working on the HUGE update here in a few days as other things permit me. For now I'm post my list of things I need to work on. Now it won't make sense to some, but thats okay its meant for me. Its to keep my brain on track.

SCA - Going out with James to get thank you gifties for event
SCA - Go to Campus to line out a conference room for the July business meeting.(They suck for returning phone calls. Monkies they are)
SCA - Help Elias write an letter of intent
SCA - Help James write an letter of intent

SCA - Look up in RfS an email back Tec
SCA - Read email again about household naming practices and read Medieval Scotland website
- email back said person of website for the help I need

RP(Old world)- Rework pull-downs for Egyptian room
RP(Medieval) - Create forum for old friend
RP(Medieval) - Create email for old friend

RP(Medieval) - Work on own room's background, history, idea's for map

Mis.stuff - Forum Rps to respond to
- Laundry to do
- Pick up around house
- Find a job

The line thur is my finishing that project.

Oh I know there is more but this is just what is on the front burner of my brain.


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