Project Day

Saturday, 2 June 2007 12:36
sinefergusson: (Not Happy)
Yea just that Project Day. Going to some of our friend's house to work on garb for Uprising, get people who are just joining into something or three so they have something to wear for the summer events as well.

So here is the list of stuff having to lug out to take.

4 Under the bed type clear totes
1 Sewing machine and parts
1 Contractor's garbage bag of pattern, fabrics and such
1 Blue Clear sewing notions box with threads in it and such

OH Yes what a fun day this is going to be -rme- we still have to move off and get some flat sheets at the 2nd hand store today with a few other people and the men work on getting their rotisserie working so it can be used for the camp kitchen.

You know I love the idea of households and helping everyone, but you know sometimes you just feel like that no one else is helping.

Well will add more to this tonight to show what happened today and to fill in a rant I have about wally world aka Wal*Mart.


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