Thursday, 18 June 2009

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Nothing like zipping the hems of a tunic thur the sewing machine at the last minute at like midnight. Green, short sleeved camp tunic that will need some work next time I have a moment. After last year's Uprising I really did not feel good from the heat. The go go go to get there days after the wedding that I decided that I wanted something that will let me look "dressed" and not die from the heat. In looking at the page for the next few days....good thing I have wool for at night wanderings. Just pray the rain does not happen till we're everyone off site Sunday.

Currently left to pack now is:

- Get packed for myself
- Fire Pit
- Fire Wood
- Goodies for the Brunch

I say that is rather good short list after yesterday. Getting myself packed is the easy part, making sure I have all I need is another. So we're already off the schedule we set for ourselves, just hope like to get out of here before 10am now.

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Thursday, 18 June 2009 08:32
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Its almost 09:00 and only thing left is to get out of this house.
We're packed, loaded, showed, checked for things an now to get ice an a few other nib an away we go!


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