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So I talked about April complete with picutres even. May was alright, rented a car to go to Kingdom A&S took Andrew with Elias and I so he could meet Cas. I loved the rental car, a Saturn that purred when you drove, vera nice. And May has been catch up month with bills, and sewing for the Gold Key. I decided that after the two Saturdays in May for all Gold Key, I am going to be working on my own things for awhile. I made in two days a camp sideless and almost finished my green tunic for myself. I'd love to work on another kirtle, maybe party colored in my colors this next time.

Now for June its been more sewing to get myself caught up, finding things for Uprising, making the camp map so we know where everyone camps, go see my folks up at the Lake for a day what fun that was. I love my folks, but was bored. And now getting things washed up, packed up, found to set aside for the tote and get myself packed up. I love Elias but I am not packing him, he's on his own.

So this is my list more so so I can look at it and then cross off come times when I get it done.

- Make the shopping list
- Find Taco Soup fixings
- Shop Walmart
- Bank
- Pay two bills
- Take Dodge for fueling and some cleaning
- Finish washing clothes
- Find basket for my goodies to keep me entertained
- Pack Camera
- Find spare fans to share if necessary
- Check to make sure shades an tables are in the truck
- Water Coolers brought over for Camp use
- Get the coolers out and cleaned
- Finish hemming Green Tunic
- Check the feast gear
- Bag for dirty laundry
- Get packed for myself
- Fire Pit

- Goodies for the Brunch
- Fire Wood

Ask me after is we got the last two things
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