Friday, 3 November 2006 01:34
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So when ever a man does something "nice" out of the blue, MOST women assume something has happened for the worst. I am no exception to that rule.

As I am on the phone with a very good friend from Idaho Falls(Adelheid) about a visit around the 18th of this month. As we are near the end of our visit my beloved comes home and he too is on the phone. I hang up as I turn back around here he is with this Huge Fall Farmers Bouquet holding out to me. I was soo shocked that the first thing I thought was something happened and he was trying to soften the blow. First words out of my mouth are "Oh Honny thats soo sweet". The next batch was "What happened at work?" I know I'm a bad woman for asking that but I've learned growing up my dad did that one time for something I don't remember now but it suck with me.

Needless to say nothing happened at work and he just brought me the flowers because he wanted to. It is the first time that someone has just bought me flowers for no reason other than they just wanted to. They have brighten my day after a dreary month and looking forward to better times now.

I love you Elias.


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