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When will all this homework writing slow down? I should be working on my Anthro stuff for the midterm tomorrow. I have two essays to write for it and notes to make on a 8x11.5 sheet of printer paper to fit front and back all the notes I can for the test in class tomorrow. I'm still not done with my English paper and I've been avoiding class as of late because of it. I need to go to class next tuesday that is for sure. I need to suck it up and go to the history disertaion as well. UGH.

Yea next semester I'm picking my classes so I only go a few days week so I have more time to do work outside of class.

I should finish the writing for English and get it out of the way. That should not take too long. Then just wip out some crap on History for that class. Alright so a few hours there. I should sit and work on the lab for Science lab tomorrow get a jump start on it. Then the anthro, but I have a few hours before class to do more work as well. Lets see how well I do. Will update when I make a dent.


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