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So we were home rather decently about 7pm last night. Getting off site about 1pm or just before the massive rain came down on us. Had lunch in Idaho Falls are our fav place to get scones....hmmm scones....Anyways the road home was not bad. Elias and I both where rather tired, he drove I slept off an on, till we get outside Rexburg.

I feel the rumble strip yet again wondering what was going on. He pulled over an I asked if he was alright, he said "We're pulled over". I blinked a few times and leaned forward to see the car behind us. Yep us are pulled over by Idaho's Finest. He seen the truck "weaving" and the cracked windshield. As well wanted to check on what was up and the usual seat belt checks. He asks where we been, where we going. Tell him we went camping in Shelley and going home to Bozeman, and left it at that. Didn't even bring up SCA at this point, safer that way over all.

Elias gives over the drivers license and the insurance card, I'm pawing the jockey box for the registration papers. I can't find them. I put them in the truck after I got the tags an that's that. The guy was good matured about it and said since the tags where good till the end of the month and that everything else was in the clear we where good to go. Just after he leaves, I find the damned registration paper. And away we go again...

And we get to "The Divide" Continental Divide that divides Montana and Idaho, swap drivers so he can pass out an I dive on. On the way home thur that small silver that is Yellowstone we drove past a Black Bear running across the road in front of us. And off the side in the marsh area with fence, some of you know the area I'm talking about, a Moose in velvet sooo purdy. So a SAFE trip home with no encounters with the *^$&% four footed kind that cause messes with trucks.

So I offer here my link to my flickr account with what few picutres I took at Uprising. I was busy with my peer, Duchess Caryn, taking classes, doing the Royal thing, some time at Heralds Point and general fun time. Give me another day and I will give the link to my YouTube. I recorded something special and cool and well seeing is better than me trying to butcher talking about it.

And now...

Thursday, 25 May 2006 14:45
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For today so far....

I got a call from one of the temp agencies and I will be doing phone work for MDA, again. I did it the first time I came home a year and half ago. I need money so I'm not going to look down at it. I have a cell phone bill and storage unit that are the same amount I need to pay on BADLY!

So Friday at 2pm I go for this orientation/interview with them and start on Tuesday morning from 9:30am-4:30pm. I can't complain its temp and I only hope I can work for a few weeks to pay those bills and save money. My check I pick up on friday is not going to be much and it will have to pay my cell phone, gas in the Explorer, gas in my car and money on the prepaid credit card so the fees can be paid on it.

Well thats all I have for today really. I need to get back to cleaning my bathroom. I hate cleaning my bathroom just ugh...can't explain it really. I will help others and clean their bathrooms but won't do my own. Tho I am almost done with what needs to be so I can leave for the weekend. I have laundry doing, my room is done, vacuuming done, dusting done and last is my bathroom to finish up. After that I can pack for Bozeman and totally sit around an do nothing for a little while anyways.

Alright....time to stop procrastinating and finish so I can get back on-line and surf some.


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