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**Well you seen this back in mid-June and I though I'd bring it forward again, delete a few things add a few things and see what I get done. The 'find a job' is on the hopper, I got a lead on the VA job right now I'm following to see if I can apply for it. Will give details later. However, be ready to see the MASSIVE update I'm going to be doing here shortly. Some things are going to be backdated so bare with me. I'm only go to back date to this month so will post when the 'new' are. That is if you feel like reading.**

I will be working on the HUGE update here in a few days as other things permit me. For now I'm post my list of things I need to work on. Now it won't make sense to some, but thats okay its meant for me. Its to keep my brain on track.

SCA - Finish pulling all the meeting minutes and meeting agenda off the e-list archive
SCA - Getting meeting rooms for September.

RP(Old world)- Rework pull-downs for Egyptian room
RP(Medieval) - Work on own room's background, history, idea's for map

Mis.stuff - The Never ending bits of things that need done:
- Forum Rps to respond to
- Laundry to do
- Pick up around house
- Find a job

The line thur is my finishing that project.

Oh I know there is more but this is just what is on the front burner of my brain.


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