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I lost the first part of this post already. Stupid auto save didn't work, the bastard.

Rants on Wally world, SCA, and life. Its LONG. . .You've been warned. )

Well its 0430 and I should have been to bed hours ago. But when my brain won't turn off what is a person to do?
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Well seeing I have not posted since the end of May. Here's what going on...

I've been applying for college in Bozeman and did apply for the whole student aid as well. I am going to have to start packing soon as well. I have made up my mind about moving to Bozeman just after Uprising XX, so somewhere after the 15th of June. I have a week of packing, sorting, cleaning, and wondering what to do with my stuff. Some of it will still be here the rest will be storage or with me.

I truly am not sure what to think or feel. I'm still shocked at myself for wanting to try college. And I'm more shocked that I'm following my heart again. The last time I did that I ended up in Tennessee for about 2.5 months and moving home before the end of the 2004, just before New Years Eve. It was bad. I moved home with the folks and been trying to regroup since.

I think things are going to start looking up for me. I'm going to try hard and apply myself so I can do well. All that is left right now is the $30 to pay to submit my application for MSU.

More after Uprising...


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