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Tuesday, 20 June 2006 20:59
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So I have not really posted anything since before Uprising. Uprising was...interesting to say the least.

I got the chance to leave on Tuesday evening and see my man. ~Smiles~ He came and kidnapped me while Renee was at the KOA with her 'new' camp trailer. We got going on Wednesday morning to the site very much uneventful for sure. I just hate the heat. So get to the site after a stop for lunch and fill the water tank and get the trailer settled and what not. Then it was going to get my camp set up then set up a tent for Shauna. For that day it was just flounder around. Maybe I got dressed in what I call my Pennsic tunic and skirt for the evening. Helped hold lights for others. Seeing as I could not get my bed made up right Renee had me stay in the trailer Wednesday night.

So its Thursday I slept till like 1pm. The only thing I had to do for Renee was make Sun Tea and get ice...Simple enough...I got dressed again in what I was wearing did that then went to where I was camping with Sliver Keep. Put somethings together put on this swanky wool tunic with this white flannel chemse match that with my black leather gloves was snazzy in my book. This was the evening that it started to cloud up and get wet. It was a splash and dash thing. Also I picked this night to go out and go camp roving. Ohhhh I never got so deep into my tankard like I did this night. I'm glad I had a few friends around. I met new people as well. m'Lord David of the Crosswinds was one of them. Nice guy friendly chatted it up till he departed for his bed at like 3am. I got an escort to Renee's 'cottage' at about 0415 and died in bed about 0430.

Woke up Friday wearing the same outfit because well it was going to be a cooler day and started to rain and rain and rain. I never had dry shoes or dry socks, it sucked. I wandered back to camp in time to start making sense of my mess only to have my man show up (YEA!!) So helping pack stuff in and what not visit with others and I lost him somewhere long the way Friday night. I didn't end up going out and having as much fun as I did Thursday night. I went to the Haffla visited with friends danced some and went to camp. Found him and crawled into bed with him.

Saturday was the first day I had dry clothes to wear and dry feet. Elias loaned me his wooden clogs so my feet where nice and dry for a change. Worked at Heralds point wandered, shopped. The only class I made was an accident. It was the Chiv workshop Q&A. It was in the Grand Court Pavilion and its where Catriona, Anji and I where getting under out of the rain. Went to Court that night went camp hoping with my man. It was nice got a group of us to go around was even better. I was not as tipsy as Thursday but feeling as good and happy to be with him.

Over all it was great I had more fun this time than in the past. Tho I wish some friends could have made it. They just on a burn out after 3.5 years as Landed Baronage. But I did get to see them on Sunday for a late lunch. Had I been smarter and had my cell phone on me I could have had a dry bed to sleep in on Friday night. Teaches me not to keep my phone on me.

Well this is my Uprising story. Will post tomorrow about my post Uprising life.


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