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I don't keep up with this as much as I thought I'd like to. It was a nice pipe dream thats for sure. I'm here in B-town helping Shauna recoup from having her right knee replaced. Its a slower go this time around. But the upside is I'm going home on the 1st of March.

I have moments I feel like ranting about things but then nothing comes. I get testy and cranky with whats going on and I don't do anything about it. But when that happens it seems like the shit festers on me and when something that is a small thing, should not be an issue, gets blown up. I'm learning not to get to that point, but its hard. I'm learning not to get too cranky about somethings. But let me tell you, plotting your own wedding ain't easy. Don't let anyone tell you other wise. You can have the book that gives you all the places to put things and what or who to call and price charts and all that crap. Its not overly helpful. I'm to the point I might as well as do my own wedding guide. A wedding guide for the bride who is doing their wedding for under $5,000.

Wedding stuff I'm sure I'll rant on about later, but my rant of the day came from some blond with teenage son in tow at the post office. I was picking up the Laurel mail box for Shauna as thats part of my running after PT with her. I'm walking in I over hear this woman in front of me all the way to the back of the Po box area about why she can't find the Passport office. I was polite and asked her about it and said its threw the main postal area. She thanked me and went that way.

So here I am walking back empty handed and I see her and her son, standing in line as if she's got to mail things. I stand for a moment looking at her and the window with the HUGE ASS sign says "PASSPORTS HERE". How in the BlueHell do you miss that?? So I go up to her, "Ma'am. . the passport office is over here." I point the way, she looks up from her "Blackberry" at me then the window and goes, "OH. . thank you" and walks on. Now How in the blue blazes do you not see that? Its like she didn't look up to whats going on around her. Her son was not any bette. Then again some kids just don't speak up as the parents are liken to slap them down for anything that could show the child might be abit more smarter than they are.

So that was my rant. . Take care of yourselves and remember to look up to whats going on around you. Those on F-list are smarter than this woman, but as this is not locked; this is for those who might not be so lucky to have nice people point things out to them.


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