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So we were home rather decently about 7pm last night. Getting off site about 1pm or just before the massive rain came down on us. Had lunch in Idaho Falls are our fav place to get scones....hmmm scones....Anyways the road home was not bad. Elias and I both where rather tired, he drove I slept off an on, till we get outside Rexburg.

I feel the rumble strip yet again wondering what was going on. He pulled over an I asked if he was alright, he said "We're pulled over". I blinked a few times and leaned forward to see the car behind us. Yep us are pulled over by Idaho's Finest. He seen the truck "weaving" and the cracked windshield. As well wanted to check on what was up and the usual seat belt checks. He asks where we been, where we going. Tell him we went camping in Shelley and going home to Bozeman, and left it at that. Didn't even bring up SCA at this point, safer that way over all.

Elias gives over the drivers license and the insurance card, I'm pawing the jockey box for the registration papers. I can't find them. I put them in the truck after I got the tags an that's that. The guy was good matured about it and said since the tags where good till the end of the month and that everything else was in the clear we where good to go. Just after he leaves, I find the damned registration paper. And away we go again...

And we get to "The Divide" Continental Divide that divides Montana and Idaho, swap drivers so he can pass out an I dive on. On the way home thur that small silver that is Yellowstone we drove past a Black Bear running across the road in front of us. And off the side in the marsh area with fence, some of you know the area I'm talking about, a Moose in velvet sooo purdy. So a SAFE trip home with no encounters with the *^$&% four footed kind that cause messes with trucks.

So I offer here my link to my flickr account with what few picutres I took at Uprising. I was busy with my peer, Duchess Caryn, taking classes, doing the Royal thing, some time at Heralds Point and general fun time. Give me another day and I will give the link to my YouTube. I recorded something special and cool and well seeing is better than me trying to butcher talking about it.

More fun

Thursday, 18 June 2009 08:32
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Its almost 09:00 and only thing left is to get out of this house.
We're packed, loaded, showed, checked for things an now to get ice an a few other nib an away we go!
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Nothing like zipping the hems of a tunic thur the sewing machine at the last minute at like midnight. Green, short sleeved camp tunic that will need some work next time I have a moment. After last year's Uprising I really did not feel good from the heat. The go go go to get there days after the wedding that I decided that I wanted something that will let me look "dressed" and not die from the heat. In looking at the page for the next few days....good thing I have wool for at night wanderings. Just pray the rain does not happen till we're everyone off site Sunday.

Currently left to pack now is:

- Get packed for myself
- Fire Pit
- Fire Wood
- Goodies for the Brunch

I say that is rather good short list after yesterday. Getting myself packed is the easy part, making sure I have all I need is another. So we're already off the schedule we set for ourselves, just hope like to get out of here before 10am now.
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So I talked about April complete with picutres even. May was alright, rented a car to go to Kingdom A&S took Andrew with Elias and I so he could meet Cas. I loved the rental car, a Saturn that purred when you drove, vera nice. And May has been catch up month with bills, and sewing for the Gold Key. I decided that after the two Saturdays in May for all Gold Key, I am going to be working on my own things for awhile. I made in two days a camp sideless and almost finished my green tunic for myself. I'd love to work on another kirtle, maybe party colored in my colors this next time.

Now for June its been more sewing to get myself caught up, finding things for Uprising, making the camp map so we know where everyone camps, go see my folks up at the Lake for a day what fun that was. I love my folks, but was bored. And now getting things washed up, packed up, found to set aside for the tote and get myself packed up. I love Elias but I am not packing him, he's on his own.

So this is my list more so so I can look at it and then cross off come times when I get it done.

- Make the shopping list
- Find Taco Soup fixings
- Shop Walmart
- Bank
- Pay two bills
- Take Dodge for fueling and some cleaning
- Finish washing clothes
- Find basket for my goodies to keep me entertained
- Pack Camera
- Find spare fans to share if necessary
- Check to make sure shades an tables are in the truck
- Water Coolers brought over for Camp use
- Get the coolers out and cleaned
- Finish hemming Green Tunic
- Check the feast gear
- Bag for dirty laundry
- Get packed for myself
- Fire Pit

- Goodies for the Brunch
- Fire Wood

Ask me after is we got the last two things
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I lost the first part of this post already. Stupid auto save didn't work, the bastard.

Rants on Wally world, SCA, and life. Its LONG. . .You've been warned. )

Well its 0430 and I should have been to bed hours ago. But when my brain won't turn off what is a person to do?

Project Day

Saturday, 2 June 2007 12:36
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Yea just that Project Day. Going to some of our friend's house to work on garb for Uprising, get people who are just joining into something or three so they have something to wear for the summer events as well.

So here is the list of stuff having to lug out to take.

4 Under the bed type clear totes
1 Sewing machine and parts
1 Contractor's garbage bag of pattern, fabrics and such
1 Blue Clear sewing notions box with threads in it and such

OH Yes what a fun day this is going to be -rme- we still have to move off and get some flat sheets at the 2nd hand store today with a few other people and the men work on getting their rotisserie working so it can be used for the camp kitchen.

You know I love the idea of households and helping everyone, but you know sometimes you just feel like that no one else is helping.

Well will add more to this tonight to show what happened today and to fill in a rant I have about wally world aka Wal*Mart.


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