Monday, 29 May 2006 23:35
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For most people in the U.S. its one more day off for a 3 day weekend. I used to think that way, up until a few years ago. I got to spend the day with my boyfriend, we went to morning Memorial service that honoured our veterans. Elias(my boyfriend) spent 12 years in the Army 5 of those in Germany. I think of my Grandfather who served in WWII, my Father who served in Vietnam, "Black Fox"(currently serving) & Jon-Jon(served) as Marines(Semper Fi) and others who have served in the Army, National Guard and Navy.

I want to say Thank You. Thank you for defending our country, for doing what most only wish they could do. To me you all are the heroes that we need to look up to.

Now that I have got that off my chest I need to vent on this part.

My life has been up an down and up again only to go down. I lost my job last week and started to do the temp work again. Well I had already made the plans to come to Bozeman to see Elias and now to know my Meg is here as well. She's back in school to get a degree in accounting. Between talking to her and Elias, along with being sick and tired of not having a direction in my life I'm going to go to college. Its jump seeing as I have not been in school since 1998. But I am nervous, nervous about leaving home again. I'm scared of what recriminations I'm going to get when I get home to mom and dad.

See I turned down a temp job to stay over another day to start the process to see if I can get into school. I know when I get home I'm going to hear about it from them. Hear how I'm just fucking off and how I need to buck up and just do what I need to get a job and stick with it. I just hate having my parents on me it tears me up so much that I end up in tears. I'm such a goober when it comes to that I know.

Tonight Elias and I will talk some more about this and what I will do between now and the end of August. I talked to my friends Ath & Shauna and both are super supportive of me on this. Shauna even said I could bunk up at her place once more till I have to get to Bozeman if my parents get to be abit over bearing on me on this.

So wish me luck, I hope I can do this and make my life better. So far, things are looking up.

What's Next?

Thursday, 25 May 2006 21:53
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I love that line. My how TV is rather gloomy to watch without 'The West Wing'. I've taken to start watching the first season again. Those, where the days, only one year into the administration and so young looking too. And Leo...God called another good man home. John Spencer is missed beyond words by so so many.

I really don't know where that came from, well maybe I do. I was at Shauna's house for most of yesterday and got caught up on the final two episodes of West Wing and it got me to thinking again. How much that show really got me thinking about real world politics as well to make me aware of how to be a better citizen.

Well tomorrow is Friday and I'm going to see my man and connect up with some friends I have not seen in a long while. I go for the thing tomorrow and from there I'm sure I can jet for Bozeman. Not much else to report on my end for now.


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