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So I had started something last time and the auto save on this thing didn't work.
That sucks.
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So Mom called me on Friday morning. She was heading into work for a few hours to get things caught up she had left over from Wednesday. She didn't go into the "Battle" on "Black Friday", said that nothing really jumped out at her and said "Pick me, Pick me". Part of me wished I had sent money for her to get me that Digital Camera with docking port. Oh well. . . Will wait at tax time.

I've been spending lots of time off an on the phone with mom since she told me two weeks ago about her health. (If you're just now joining us here is a recap. My mom told on Veterans day morning that the doctors have found a five(5)inch mass on a kidney. They are taking out said kidney on this Tuesday the 28th.)
We talk at lest once a day sometimes more depending on who's calling who to talk about something. But on Friday morning she calls and she had me in tears. Now mind you my mom is taking this rather well really. She's trying to get all her ducks in a row and all the loose ends tied up just in case.
Just In Case
Who ever came up with that sucks. They probably where never on the sitting end of worry when someone who gave them life or they love with all their being is under the knife. Now I know that this is a common thing, or so I had someone tell me. But I can't make my brain wrap around that. THIS is NOT Common in my family for someone to just give up a internal organ. Sorry that don't jive for me. We have a nice visit really, I just got choked up when she talked how her and Dad could not even sit in the same room when she was telling him "If anything should happen this is what I want" list. He didn't want to have to face her when talking about because he knew he would break down an cry.

Now I know this is really not that bad but when all is left of my immediate family is my Mom Darla, Dad Mike Sr, and brother Mike Jr. That's it for my family. So excuse the fuck out of me if I don't want to lose my mom.

So I talked to mom again today, well Saturday morning. Nice chit-chat asking how things are going for the other. Dad was off Elk hunting, Lloyd was off Elk hunting too, just not together. My other half didn't get anything, but that's okay, he got two doe's, works for me. I've not done anything with homework this weekend. I know bad me, but just not having my brain on that with my mom having her "thing" here shortly. Shitty thing is I can't even get home to be there for when it happens. She said to go to classes then come up after Friday's classes. I think Lloyd is going with me, I don't know yet.

After mom's surgery and finals for me, I will be going to Billings after the 12th to help care for my mom. If they have the microscopic then its less down time, but. . . .If they have to open her up its at lest six(6)weeks of recoup time. Will see after Tuesday.

Anywho, its like 0130 and I want my bed, Lloyd is a sleep on the couch. We to sleep in some tomorrow, he's off to help butcher someones deer an then he comes home to do the honny-do list I have for him. Its not much but it needs to be done because I'm tired of shit not getting done.

Alright enough ranting sleep. . . .After I put leftovers away from dinner.


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