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So I've been playing with my Yahoo music stuff and I found this link for a video of Big & Rich's version of "Like a Virgin". I so do not know what to make of it. If anyone has heard this could you tell me what you thought of it? I don't know to be disturbed or find it funny. Now please keep in mind Big & Rich might be pegged into the Country hole, but they are anything but that. Large country base yes but then you hear some country 'purest' have the shudders and bellow that B&R are not country.

"Big" Kenny Alpin(formally lead of 'luvjOi') and John Rich(formerly a vocalist with Lonestar) along with the rest of the Muzik Mafia bringing "Muzik Without Prejudice". I happen to really dig B&R, have since Wild West Show and John's short solo time. If you get the chance go see them, if anything pull up yahoo music and check these guys out.

I'm not sure why I got off on this tangent today but at lest I'm spreading the "Good Word" as it where of Brother Kenny and Brother John.

If interested check out the links:

Big & Rich:
Muzik Mafia:

Now one might ask why I am talking about B&R and my 'brother' Alexander. Well I had a phone call from him today and along talk. I have been thinking on what we talked about. I need to do abit of soul searching and re-center myself once more. That was part of the talk, the other half...that is too personal to post here right now.

So listening to Big & Rich helps me think as I contemplate what Alexander and I talked about.


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