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**Well you seen this back in mid-June and I though I'd bring it forward again, delete a few things add a few things and see what I get done. The 'find a job' is on the hopper, I got a lead on the VA job right now I'm following to see if I can apply for it. Will give details later. However, be ready to see the MASSIVE update I'm going to be doing here shortly. Some things are going to be backdated so bare with me. I'm only go to back date to this month so will post when the 'new' are. That is if you feel like reading.**

I will be working on the HUGE update here in a few days as other things permit me. For now I'm post my list of things I need to work on. Now it won't make sense to some, but thats okay its meant for me. Its to keep my brain on track.

SCA - Finish pulling all the meeting minutes and meeting agenda off the e-list archive
SCA - Getting meeting rooms for September.

RP(Old world)- Rework pull-downs for Egyptian room
RP(Medieval) - Work on own room's background, history, idea's for map

Mis.stuff - The Never ending bits of things that need done:
- Forum Rps to respond to
- Laundry to do
- Pick up around house
- Find a job

The line thur is my finishing that project.

Oh I know there is more but this is just what is on the front burner of my brain.
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I lost the first part of this post already. Stupid auto save didn't work, the bastard.

Rants on Wally world, SCA, and life. Its LONG. . .You've been warned. )

Well its 0430 and I should have been to bed hours ago. But when my brain won't turn off what is a person to do?
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I will be working on the HUGE update here in a few days as other things permit me. For now I'm post my list of things I need to work on. Now it won't make sense to some, but thats okay its meant for me. Its to keep my brain on track.

SCA - Going out with James to get thank you gifties for event
SCA - Go to Campus to line out a conference room for the July business meeting.(They suck for returning phone calls. Monkies they are)
SCA - Help Elias write an letter of intent
SCA - Help James write an letter of intent

SCA - Look up in RfS an email back Tec
SCA - Read email again about household naming practices and read Medieval Scotland website
- email back said person of website for the help I need

RP(Old world)- Rework pull-downs for Egyptian room
RP(Medieval) - Create forum for old friend
RP(Medieval) - Create email for old friend

RP(Medieval) - Work on own room's background, history, idea's for map

Mis.stuff - Forum Rps to respond to
- Laundry to do
- Pick up around house
- Find a job

The line thur is my finishing that project.

Oh I know there is more but this is just what is on the front burner of my brain.

From Mara's mySpace

Wednesday, 20 June 2007 00:49
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What type of Fae are you?

Project Day

Saturday, 2 June 2007 12:36
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Yea just that Project Day. Going to some of our friend's house to work on garb for Uprising, get people who are just joining into something or three so they have something to wear for the summer events as well.

So here is the list of stuff having to lug out to take.

4 Under the bed type clear totes
1 Sewing machine and parts
1 Contractor's garbage bag of pattern, fabrics and such
1 Blue Clear sewing notions box with threads in it and such

OH Yes what a fun day this is going to be -rme- we still have to move off and get some flat sheets at the 2nd hand store today with a few other people and the men work on getting their rotisserie working so it can be used for the camp kitchen.

You know I love the idea of households and helping everyone, but you know sometimes you just feel like that no one else is helping.

Well will add more to this tonight to show what happened today and to fill in a rant I have about wally world aka Wal*Mart.
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This morning I had two phone calls before 8am MDT.

Call #1 was my mom @ 7:30am, granted I didn't answer it because I was still half a sleep. So I will talk to her on her break or on her way home from work. Usually its because we've not talked for a few days to a few weeks. Granted I just seen my mom last week and spent a good amount of time with her. So I just looked an played my voice mail from mom. She wants to just chat, see how the job hunting is going(not great), how Elias' Dr's appointment went(see next paragraph), & just see how our weekend went.

Now here is the scoop incase you didn't know much about my other half.
Elias and I had gone to Helena to the VA Hospital for a few of his medical appointments. Elias is a Army Vet. 10/12 years active duty with a few years National Guard before he got out in '03. On top of that he is a disabled Vet. Knee, hearing mostly with nerve issues with his shoulder and left hand. So every so often we head to Helena for Dr's appointments or to the local clinic for the usual stuff for him. Hey, he paid his dues for his country and I'm glad he has this, because till Simkins-Hallins got his insurance for him, he would have been SoL for medical coverage. At lest with the VA if he went for something else not service connected he just pay abit more. But nothing like if someone had to go to the walk-in an pay out $65 for a visit.

Call #2 was my friend Maxine @ 7:40am, so I was abit more awake because of the first phone call. So I answer because well, Maxine would not call me this early unless something was seriously being done or happening. So you can say I was abit surprised to see her number on my caller id screen. I knew that Curt, close friend/roomie had a dentist appointment for his one tooth that had gone bad and causing him troubles. Well Maxine was calling Jules and myself because well, we're rather close and yes we worry when Curt does not take care of himself. Apparently the dentist did not want to let Curt leave, so they where going to extract that tooth then and there. So of coarse Maxine was like you do what you need to. So she waited and called. Had a nice visit as I've not talked to her online for a few days.

BUT. . . .

I came out of the bedroom and look out the window of my kitchen and abit shit. It was Freakin Snowing!! May almost June, SNOWING!! Holy Shit Batman! So that was interesting to see, not really want I wanted to see first thing when I get out bed. Now myself with my new Tana Huff book are going to be bundled on the couch to read some and stay warm.

edit: Its 2:36pm MDT and the snow is all gone. You can't even tell from where I am that it even snowed. Thats what one gets for living in Montana, spring time in the Rockies. But I'm still chilled.
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(no subject)

Monday, 9 April 2007 14:23
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Your Slanguage Profile

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UGH Life

Friday, 23 February 2007 08:15
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So I've not said jack since Christmas eve and there is abit of things to fill in since then. From coping with school, dealing with making ends meet, taking on a pet turtle. He's cute and its been a learning experience.

Snow. . . lots of the white stuff. . . all over the place. Its doing a nice light dusting right now and I would guess its been coming down for hours now. I need to get myself together and get dressed. Find the sweatshirt hoodie and warmer shirt underneath it. Walking all over campus keeps me warm for a lil while then I get the chills. I swear, I think something is wrong with me. Or like someone told, "Its all in your head. Stop being a hypochondriac". Some people, all I said I think. It just could be my body chilling after sweating and not moving will cause chills. Hell if I know, but I know that so called friend is not on my to talk to list.

I need to wrap this up and finish getting ready to brave the outdoors. Might take the time when I get done with classes to think on what all has gone on in the last two months to put into words. Till then. . . .
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So your probably looking at that title and wondering what the hell. I have a brother shall call him Jr here. Jr has left home a few years ago been working on ranches in Eastern Montana since after High School. While working for on the ranches he met and made friends with a guy S and a girl Am. S and Am are friends from what Jr says and from what my folks know of. Anyways Jr has left that farmer/rancher and Am left with my brother and apparently they hooked up as it where. So over the last few years he's been working for different places and settled on a ranch that was owned by an old high school (girl)friend of his. This is where apparently Am and my brother really got serous about each other.

So about October Jr and Am had a little girl Elizabeth Jo. I didn't find out about the baby till about Labor Day weekend when my parents got back from the Alaskan Cruse. My mom only knew a few months before that. I've never seen this baby, Hell I've not ever met Am.

So you all have read the saga about my mom and her surgery to remove her kidney. Well Jr never once came up to see mom the whole time she was in the hospital and never came home to see mom either. I took time from my studies to go see my mom when she told me not to. I came home the day after finals to help her or just hang out and do what she wanted.

So this morning as I'm checking my email my mom is asking me if I can take back my gifts I bought for Jr and Am. I think I can, I should still somewhere have the receipt for the Campus Bookstore. She tells me that when Dad called Am's cell phone her brother answered.

Seems that Jr and Am went to her folks house for Xmas and didn't bother to call his folks to say they weren't coming. I'm pissed, my mom is pissed and hurt that the fucktard didn't bother to call at all. I am going to give my dad by brother's gift of the really nice ball cap from the university & the pen light. I spent a good amount really on the two and this is how they act?

Well Fuck Them. . . I am going to take the sweatshirts back. I'm keeping the caps because it just came to me that I can give me dad the hats for his Xmas gift and Birthday (B-day for dad is the 27th, two days after Xmas). This is the first time in ages that I could actually get dad something really nice for Xmas and its not cheep shit either.

Alright well I'm off for now. I have to clean the bottom of the fridge and restock the pop for tomorrow with guests coming over and mop the floors in the kitchen so that its all nice an ready for tomorrow.

Oh and by the by. . . .

Merry Christmas everyone
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I don't remember who I lifted this from

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, sine_fergusson sent to me...
Twelve somethings drumming
Eleven somethings piping
Ten hezakiahs a-leaping
Nine penumbrens dancing
Eight bryennissas a-milking
Seven poetic_vixens a-swimming
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Five ti-i-i-ifa1904s
Four sonnetproses
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